Go-to SEO resources for 2020.

Google launches hundreds of search algorithms updates each year, each having the ability to impact your search engine rankings. As an SEO, you know that staying on top of all of these changes is absolutely essential to the success of your website and career.

But, how do you actually do it? How do you make sure you’re kept in the loop with the always-changing search landscape?

One of the ways that I go about this is by bookmarking my go-to SEO resources and making a point to check in on them regularly (throughout the week, or even as frequently as every day).

SEO resources

In preparation for this coming year, I’ve decided to create a list of my favorite resources and thought it could be worth sharing with others. Hope you enjoy!

Search Engine Roundtable

The founder and Executive Editor of Search Engine Roundtable is Barry Schwartz, a well-known and highly respected expert in the SEO industry.

I’m not sure exactly how Barry does it, but he’s always one of the first to know and report on the biggest search updates like algorithm changes, new features, industry happenings, and much more. For this reason, it’s an essential resource to stay up to date on the latest in search marketing.

Search Engine Journal

The executive editor of this publication is Danny Goodwin, who is an overall fantastic human but also an extremely talented marketer. He has been a professional editor and writer in the marketing space for more than 10 years and continues to provide industry leading content about all things search and digital marketing.

This site covers everything from the basics of SEO to extensive guides, use cases, and training – making it another go to resource. Beyond search marketing, you can find the latest paid advertising, social media and content news, tips, insights and ideas.


I continue to be so impressed with the quality content that Brian Dean produces and provides on Backlinko.

The site offers resources that are all-encompassing and far more extensive than your average blog post – including specific strategies, steps for implementation, use cases, common challenges that may arise, trends to watch in the future, details on how to monitor results, and the research to back it all up.

It’s a fantastic resource for SEO training and proven strategies to help drive results for your website.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Get “official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index.”

While it’s a key resource to keep your eyes on, be aware that this is coming from the source itself. It’s important to do your own research and see what others in the community have to say and are experiencing in relation to the news.

What I’ve found even more helpful is following @JohnMu (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google) on Twitter. He’s very involved in the SEO community and is always jumping in to clear up misconceptions, give advice, and address questions.

It’s also worth giving Google Webmaster’s Twitter a follow.

Marie Haynes

Dr. Marie Haynes does a fabulous job understanding, dissecting and reporting on Google’s algorithm changes. As an expert consultant in Google penalty recovery, she’s made it her mission to keep the SEO community and website owners/managers informed on updates, while providing appropriate ways to monitor performance and react accordingly.

To anyone looking to stay informed on the latest Google algorithm updates, I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter and following her on Twitter.

Search Engine Land

This is one of the most reliable resources for the latest SEO news. The website was founded by the well-known and respected search veteran Danny Sullivan, who built a community to share daily news, breaking stories, industry trends, and product/platform changes related to search marketing.

To make your life easier, you can also just sign up for daily recaps to receive via email. I typically prefer to scroll through these during my commute each day.

Search Engine Watch

This site is a go-to resource for industry happenings, Google algorithm updates, ranking factors, and strategies for link building, content, site architecture, international SEO and more.

It’s a great resource for tips and information about searching the web, as well as analysis of the search industry to help site owners/managers improve their visibility in search engines.

Similar to above, you can also sign up for a daily breakdown of SEO news and insights.


What makes the Moz so unique is the community of industry experts, doctors and thought leaders that it’s composed of. This is one of the best places to get expert advice, research-backed findings, how-tos and other insights to drive your SEO results.

A couple of noteworthy examples – The Beginner’s Guide to SEO is a must-read for any digital marketer. Dr. Pete Meyers created this log of historical Google algorithm changes for site owners to leverage.

And, of course, Whiteboard Fridays with Rand Fishkin is an iconic SEO resource, and continues even after his time at Moz. Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, is one of my favorite hosts of the video series and always digs into things from a unique and data-driven standpoint.


As a longtime employee and contributor on the KoMarketing blog, I may be a bit biased. However, I think they do a great job presenting new ideas, strategies and opinions related to SEO, as well as content marketing, PPC and social media.

The blog outlines the latest SEO strategies and tactics that have proven successful across client programs and campaigns, while providing very actionable tips and tools.


If I had to pick one SEO tool to use for the rest of my life, it would probably be SEMrush. But, that’s not the point of this article.

Besides just having an amazing tool, one of the things that I find most helpful about SEMrush is their wide-ranging collection of resources (especially webinars). Hearing from experts in the space talk about strategies that have proven successful, and what to avoid can make all the difference for your site.

Big shout out to Anton Shulke for the fantastic job he does coordinating these, and ensuring the topics and content covered in each webinar provide attendees with immense value. 

Blind Five Year Old

Blind Five Year Old is run by A.J. Kohn, an experienced digital marketer with more than 20 years in the industry. I have to say, the content and learnings from this specific site are unique from any other.

A.J. offers an extensive look at not only search marketing strategies and tactics, but also how they relate to the bigger picture – product strategy, development and design, and the overall user experience with quantitative analysis. This site delivers truly valuable perspectives and actionable tactics for SEOs to consider and apply to their own programs.


In addition to the widely used software that Yoast provides, the website offers useful SEO best practices, technical considerations, analytical techniques, and guides to WordPress.

For anyone looking for a deeper understanding of SEO, Yoast put together a really great library of resources to leverage. Highly recommend spending some time looking over! Others who may be more familiar and wanting the latest insights and tactics will also benefit from the blog.


As a user of BuzzStream, I find it helpful to follow their blog to hear about the latest updates, new features and get tips from the creators and experts behind the product.

However, the website also offers insights specific to link building, content promotion and influencer outreach. I find it especially valuable to have dedicated resources towards these key areas of SEO.

Although I would like to think I’ve mastered every area of SEO, there are always new tactics and improvements that can be made around link building and outreach efforts. It’s helpful to hear what others are testing, experiencing and finding successful for their campaigns.


Distilled hosts an extraordinary conference every year, SearchLove, which brings together some of the world’s leading digital marketers and SEOs. I highly recommend attending, if given the opportunity.

Beyond this two-day event, Distilled offers a variety of resources on the site throughout the year to get up to speed on the latest in search, analytics, optimizing your website and more. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Ahrefs offers a range of tools and resources to help grow search traffic to your website organically, better research the competitions, and monitor your industry and performance.

On the blog, you will find detailed tutorials, case studies and opinions related to search marketing – all written by industry experts and leaders in the space.

Also, if you’re a user of their toolset, you’ll be able to find unique approaches and tactics to uncover new opportunities and help streamline your efforts.

Final Thoughts

The truth is, there are a ton of resources for those in the SEO community. And, that’s one of the many reasons that I love being a part of it.

Remember, staying on top of constant changes in the search industry is absolutely essential for your career. Take advantage of what’s available to you – whether it’s the key publications and influencers mentioned above, or the many forums out there, your colleagues, mentors, conferences, etc.

What other resources do you reference for the latest SEO news, information and strategies? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below, or reach out to me directly via Twitter @Kristen_Vaughn.

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