what are your core values?

the easiest way to lose yourself is to go against your core values. period.

this not only means knowing what your core values are, but letting them guide your every day decisions.

whether it’s something small like choosing to return your shopping cart to the corals despite a long and exhausting day, or something much larger like an argument with a loved one.

values are something that most of us just subconsciously know, and apply in our daily lives.

but, we don’t actually lay them out on paper or customize decals to have as a daily reminder on our walls like businesses do.

just another boring business analogy

as a complete and total disclaimer, i have heard (more than once!) that i think of relationships and life too much like a business. this is probably true.

BUT, in this sense, i really think we should operate more like a business.

humor me for a second…😏

business values truly make a business what it is. without them – your business will crumble.

your values are why people chose to work with you. go against them – you’ll lose sight of the mission, lose valuable employees, partners, etc.

this is why businesses must lay out the principles that they stand for – clearly, and from the jump.

everything you do should instill the most important values to you. these are the things that make you who you are.

and, the people around you chose to have you in their life because of this.

go against your values – you’ll risk losing yourself, and the people around you.

as you can probably tell, i have been putting a lot of thought into this lately.

for me, it’s always helpful to write things out – to hold myself accountable, and to have a reminder at hand.

so, here they are.

the three most important values to me

by outlining these values for myself, i’m making a conscious effort to ensure everything that i do embodies these things.

  • 1️⃣ love
  • 2️⃣ loyalty
  • 3️⃣ honesty

does this bring love? not just to me, but the world in general.

is this loyal?

am i being honest? to myself and others.

what about you?

if you had to pick just 3 values to hold yourself to everyday, what would they be?

of course, my top 3 values are probably a lot different than yours. [insert cheesy line here about that being what makes us all unique ☺️].

remember, the easiest way to lose yourself is to go against your core values. that’s all.

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