where 2019 will (hopefully) take me.

over the holidays, i took some personal time off with no plans or obligations. just time to relax.

this is something that i try to do every year (oftentimes, in December, when things are slower).

and, it’s time that i’ve really come to cherish.

it allows me to regroup my thoughts – to reflect on the year that has passed and think about the things that i want to accomplish in the year ahead.

in my last post, i talked about having a bunch of things on the radar for 2019; however, i was really just starting to brainstorm these ideas and goals.

after having a chance to reflect on 2018, figure out what i want to happen in 2019, and plot the moves i need to make to get there – i’m ready to delve further into the details.

goals for 2019

disclaimer: i’m not posting this because I expect people to care, or to flaunt any aggressive goals. i’m sharing this to hold myself accountable. i’ve heard it works, but i guess we’ll find out 🙂

when thinking about what will make me “happy,” there are three main areas that i need to focus on – personal, career & finances. in the list below, i’ve broken my goals up into each category with high-level objectives and specific tactics to get there.

my goals for 2019.

so, here we go:

personal happiness

  • travel, travel, travel

    • visit different states in the US (IL, LA, NC)
    • plan trip to Europe
    • go back to Vegas
  • focus on ships (friendships/relationships)

    • make time for people that make time for you
    • plan trip with girlfriends
    • don’t do things that you don’t want to
    • spread kindness
  • improve diet & health

    • quarterly cleanses
    • drink more water
    • eat raw foods/less preservatives
    • regular gym schedule
  • reduce stress & anxiety

    • go to bed earlier
    • monthly massages
    • natural remedies
    • help people less
      • i realize this sounds weird, but really something I need to work on.
    • read book list
  • back to the basics

    • less is more/minimalist mentality
    • reduce clutter
    • care less about material objects
    • focus on experiences

career growth

  • work on things I enjoy

    • find outlets for creativity
    • continue building relationships
    • educate about search/content
  • focus on my personal brand

    • write on personal blog
    • contribute articles to industry sites
    • attend industry conferences & events
    • leverage social media for networking/relationships
  • improve skills

    • read industry articles
      • 30 minutes each morning
    • dale Carnegie training courses
    • attend conferences & workshops
      • Toastmasters?
    • tune into webinars (especially technical related)
    • participate in Twitter chats
  • prevent burn out

    • focus on things that matter
    • use vacation days
    • shut down / no checking email times

financial freedom

  • credit card debt-free

    • pay credit card bill after purchase (avoid interest charges)
    • don’t spend money unless you have it 🙂
  • save more money

    • save $x by 2020
      • Sorry, that’s TMI!
    • put aside $x in separate account/month
      • Same.
    • switch banks for free checking account
  • spend less on extras

    • set aside “fun” budget/month
    • do grocery shopping regularly
    • eat out less
      • lunch limit: x/week
      • dinner limit: x/week
  • maintain long term investments

    • make renovations & fixes to condo

that’s all i have for now… as if that isn’t enough to focus on.

wishing everyone the happiest New Year!

what do you have planned for 2019? i’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or reach out to me directly via Twitter.

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